What engine is in a Ginetta GT4?

Who makes Ginetta GT4?

What engine is in a Ginetta GT4?

Ford Duratec 3.7 litre V6
Ginetta GT4 Supercup

Category One-make racing by Ginetta
Engine suppliers Ford Duratec 3.7 litre V6
Drivers’ champion Adam Smalley
Official website Ginetta GT4 Supercup Website
Current season

Who makes Ginetta GT4?

Founded in 1958 by the four Walklett brothers, Ginetta has a long and successful history of producing hand built road and race cars. By the time it was acquired by Lawrence Tomlinson in 2005, it had gained a reputation as one of the most renowned British heritage race car brands.

What engine is in a Ginetta G55?

Ford 3.7 litre V6

Ginetta G55
Engine Ford 3.7 litre V6 (Cup) Ginetta Racing 4.35 litre V8 (GT3)
Transmission Hewland 6-speed sequential manual

How much is a Ginetta car?

The G40 offers all of those things in the form of a four wheeled 1,900 pound package powered by an 1800cc sealed Zetec engine to ensure that the competition stays fair between the 26 competitors who will buy in at around $40,750 as well as a plane ticket to to the U.K. Press release after the jump.

What engines do Ginetta use?

Ginetta G40
Engine 2.0 L Mazda MZR I4 (road version) 1.8 L Ford Zetec I4 (race version)
Transmission Mazda 6-speed manual (road version) 5-speed manual (early race versions) Quaife 6-speed sequential manual (newer race versions)

Do Ginetta make road cars?

Ginetta is well known for its racing cars, including the G40. And now the company will also sell you one that’s road-legal, called the Ginetta G40R.

Where are Ginetta cars from?

Ginetta Cars Limited is a British specialist builder of racing and sports cars based in Garforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Do Ginetta still make cars?

How fast do Ginetta Cars go?

120 mph
In road tests, the car attains a top speed of 190 km/h (120 mph) with a 1,500 cc engine.

Where is Ginetta based?

Ginetta was founded in 1958 by four Walklett brothers (Bob, Ivor, Trevers and Douglas) in Woodbridge, Suffolk. The first car, not destined for production, which subsequently became known as the Ginetta G1, was based on a pre-war Wolseley Hornet six.

How much does a Lucra car cost?

It’s a hand-built American-made race car that you can take to to the track or your local Cars and Coffee. A brand new Lucra LC470 rolling chassis will set you back $65,900. That’s sans engine, transmission, interior, and paint.