What happened in the 1982 Tour de France?

What happened in the 1982 Tour de France?

The 1982 Tour de France was the 69th edition of the Tour de France, taking place from 2 to 25 July. The total race distance was 22 stages over 3,507 km (2,179 mi). It was won by Bernard Hinault, his fourth victory so far….1982 Tour de France.

Race details
Distance 3,507 km (2,179 mi)
Winning time 92h 08′ 46″

Who won Tour de France 1982?

Bernard Hinault1982 Tour de France / WinnerBernard Hinault is a French former professional road cyclist. With 147 professional victories, including five in the Tour de France, he is often named among the greatest cyclists of all time.
Hinault started cycling as an amateur in his native Brittany. Wikipedia

What is the longest ever Tour de France stage?

the fifth stage
Jean Alavoine won the stage, and Eugène Christophe became the new leader in the general classification. Alavoine would also win the fifth stage, the longest ever in history at 482 kilometres (300 mi).

Who died on Mont Ventoux?

Tom Simpson
On this day in 1967 Tom Simpson collapsed on Mont Ventoux. Cyclist talks to Simpson’s daughter Joanne about the man and his untimely death. How much do most people know about Tom Simpson, beyond that he died one baking afternoon high on the barren slopes of Mont Ventoux in southern France?

Who won the 1983 Tour de France?

Laurent Fignon
The 1983 Tour de France was the 70th edition of the Tour de France, run from 1 to 24 July, with 22 stages and a prologue covering a total distance of 3,809 km The race was won by French rider Laurent Fignon.

How much does the Tour de France winner earn?

Tour de France winning prize money? Tour de France 2022 overall winner will earn €500,000 while the runner up will get €250,000 and €125,000 for the overall third place finisher. It filters down all the way to €400 for every rider who participates in the Tour de France.

Who won most Tour de France stages?

Eddy Merckx
Also known as the “Big Loop”, the Tour de France has become a competition of international scope over the years. As of 2020, the Belgian rider, Eddy Merckx, was the rider who cumulated the most stage victories. Meanwhile, the British Mark Cavendish came second with thirty stage victories.