What is a Hs 126?

What is a Hs 126?

This was designated the Hs 126, with Henschel using the opportunity to make significant changes to the basic aircraft design. Early Hs 126 production aircraft were fitted with the BMW 132 engine, as the Fafnir engine was not yet available. These early aircraft were designated A-1’s, and Fafnir-engined aircraft were B-1’s.

Which is better Henschel 126 or Airfix?

Which is ‘better’ may well depend on personal preferences, but in my case, the Airfix kit scores better all round. I can confidently say that this is the best kit of the Henschel 126 available. The Airfix research and design teams must have pulled out all the stops for this kit.

Is the Hs 126 a must for a Luftwaffe modeller?

There is little more to be said. It is an absolute must for any 1/72 scale Luftwaffe modeller. The Hs 126 is hardly the most famous aircraft around, so I doubt there many detailed references available. Therefore, I didn’t feel too bad just using my two standard Luftwaffe reference works:

How many parts are in the Airfix He 177?

The Airfix gun also has a flexible hose for spent shell cases. Apart from recent Revell kits such as the He 177 and B+V 222, I can’t think of other 1/72 scale kits with that particular detail. The engine assembly consists of six parts, including parts for the propeller and spinner.