What is the population of Khambhat?


What is the population of Khambhat?


Khambhat Cambay
• Total 2,932.9 km2 (1,132.4 sq mi)
Population (2011)
• Total 99,164 (M+OG)
• Density 620/km2 (1,600/sq mi)

Is khambhat rural or urban?

The total area of Khambhat is 1111.29 sq.km with population density of 257 per sq.km. Out of total population, 65.29% of population lives in Urban area and 34.71% lives in Rural area. There are 6.97% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 0.85% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Khambhat Taluka.

What is population of Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad’s 2020 population is now estimated at 8,059,441. In 1950, the population of Ahmedabad was 854,959. Ahmedabad has grown by 950,155 since 2015, which represents a 2.54% annual change.

How many villages are there in Khambhat?

As per Census 2011, there are 2 towns and 57 villages within Khambhat Taluka.

What is khambhat famous for?

Khambhat is known for its halvasan, sutarfeni and kites (patang). And though being a part of sources of oil and gas. Khambat is perhaps the only place in India, where the Harappan craft – the agate bead making is found in the living tradition. Surprisingly Khambat has no stone deposit.

What was famous center for khambhat?

Cambay was known for its cotton and silk cloths. Cambay was one of India’s most active trade center since the 14th century (Source: Ibn Battuta). After 200 years, Duarte Barbosa described Cambay as an important commercial center with carpets, and other textile goods in Mughal established industries.

Which is the existing oldest city in Gujarat?

Bharuch is the oldest city of Gujarat. It is also the second-oldest city of India having continuous habitation, first being Kashi (Varanasi).

What is population of Surat?

Surat Population 2022

Year Population Growth Rate
2023 8,064,949 3.61%
2022 7,784,276 3.93%
2021 7,489,742 4.25%
2020 7,184,590 4.52%

What is population of Mumbai?

Mumbai Population Growth

Year Population
2025 22,088,952
2024 21,673,148
2023 21,296,516
2022 20,961,472

How many villages are in Anand?

Village & Panchayats

Sr. No. Taluka Name No. of Villages
1 Anand 43
2 Umreth 39
3 Borsad 65
4 Anklav 32

How many talukas are there in Anand district?

eight talukas
Anand District is administratively divided into eight talukas or subdistricts: Anand, Anklav, Borsad, Khambhat, Petlad, Sojitra, Tarapur, and Umreth.

Where is Gulf of Khambhat in India?

Gujarat state
Gulf of Khambhat, also called Gulf of Cambay, trumpet-shaped gulf of the Arabian Sea, indenting northward the coast of Gujarat state, western India, between Mumbai (Bombay) and the Kathiawar Peninsula. It is 120 miles (190 km) wide at its mouth between Diu and Daman, but it rapidly narrows to 15 miles (24 km).

What is the population of Khambhat city?

Khambhat is a Municipality + Outgrowth city situated in Khambhat taluka of Anand district. The Khambhat city is divided into 20 wards for which elections are held every 5 years. As per the Population Census 2011, there are total 19,765 families residing in the Khambhat city.

What is the sex ratio of Khambhat?

The total population of Khambhat is 99,164 out of which 51,178 are males and 47,986 are females thus the Average Sex Ratio of Khambhat is 938 . The population of Children of age 0-6 years in Khambhat city is 10348 which is 10% of the total population. There are 5444 male children and 4904 female children between the age 0-6 years.

What is the total literacy rate of Khambhat Taluka?

The total literacy rate of Khambhat Taluka is 81.66%. The male literacy rate is 78.26% and the female literacy rate is 64.76% in Khambhat Taluka. To facilitate the administration, Khambhat Taluka is further divided into 2 towns and 57 villages. As per the Population Census 2011 data, following are some quick facts about Khambhat Taluka.