Who owns Fawley oil refinery?

Who owns Fawley oil refinery?

Owned and operated by Esso Petroleum, a subsidiary of US-based ExxonMobil, the Fawley facility processes 270,000 barrels of crude a day; accounting for approximately 20% of the UK’s total refining capacity.

Where are the UK’s oil refineries?

The Fawley oil refinery near Southampton, Hampshire, on England’s south coast is the biggest and the oldest among the six refinery sites currently operational in the UK.

What happens to the chemical products produced at Fawley?

More than 90% of the chemical products produced at the Fawley petrochemical facility are shipped from the deep water marine terminal to ExxonMobil’s chemical plants in Europe or to third party customers for further processing.

What is the Fawley diesel plant expansion project?

The facility is undergoing an £800m ($1bn) expansion under the Fawley Strategy (FAST) project to add a new diesel plant which will increase ultralow-sulphur diesel production at the site by 45%. Targeted for completion in 2021, the FAST project is expected to help reduce the UK’s diesel imports and create approximately 1,000 construction jobs.